Here is a list of our favorite links. We hope this list helps you locate the services and products you need. If you have suggestions about other sites to include, send email to

Rusty Thread

Do you need repairs or alterations to that riding apparel? Kathie Conlee will sort you out. E-mail her at:

Motorcycle Superstore

All Moto Tire is a preferred installer with Motorcycle Superstore. MSS has some great prices on not only tires, but all sorts of motorcycle-related items. If you purchase your tires from MSS and then choose us as your preferred installer, MSS will ship your tires right to our door - for free! What's better than that? Check them out at:

Sound Rider

Our friend Tom Mehren hosts this great site where today's motorcyclist can keep up to date on and purchase the latest products and gadgets. You can also learn about the great events Tom hosts, discover new roads, read stories and tips from knowledgable experts, post a link for that scoot you're trying to sell, and more! Oh - and check out one of our favorite motorcycle gatherings: The Rally In The Gorge!

The Vaporium

If you're looking for the very best e-cigarette supply retailer in the area, go no further than The Vaporium. Customer satisfaction is at the top of their list, with two locations to serve you.

Vintage Yamaha Enduro

If you're a vintage Yamaha endruo fan you'll want to check out Gary Bashor's cool site. As his site says:

"You have just stumbled onto the greatest resource about these grest bikes available! The bikes you rode (or really wanted to ride!) as a kid. Our main focus is two-strokes, but we also like the early 4-stroke models. The only limitation is it has to be air-cooled and built for the dirt!"

Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum

Museum filled with turn of the century to mid-century airplanes,
automobiles, motorcycles, military artifacts, and much more.DESCRIBE THE LINK


These handy appliques can really increase your riding pleasure over long distances. I bought one, tried it out, and I can personally say that it provided a very comfortable ride. I need to purchase another one for the "2x4" seat on my YZ450FX!